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Organizing Tip of the Day

Children's Clothes

Keep a bin, basket or box in a child's closet and one by the front door. As things become too small for the child, place them in the box if they will become hand-me-downs for the next child. When full, toss the clothes in a quality plastic kitchen garbage bag, mark what size and season and toss in the attic. They'll be fine for 3 years, I've tested it! If they are to be donated or consigned, place them in the basket by the front door. When the basket is full, put it in your car and make a trip to your favorite charity.

"My husband was reluctant to hire a professional organizer. Now he says the kitchen is like a breath of fresh air! And we're so motivated now ... you have ignited a fire in both of us. Plus, being organized is saving us money."
Rebecca J., Deland, Florida

One-on-One Organizing with Professional Organizer Ingrid Timbs

Are you ready to tackle your "disaster zone"?

It's a fact: some organizational projects are frustrating, emotionally exhausting, and simply overwhelming. Please don't feel incapable or embarrassed.

You can trust me to:

  • Help you organize an out-of-control office, desk, kitchen, closet, or garage
  • Help you sort through loved ones' belongings after they've passed away
  • Help you create systems to get organized and stay organized!

I truly believe organization helps you create time and space in your day to meet your life's goals

We'll use a two-step approach to tackle your "disaster zone":

Step 1: We'll set a goal, create a plan of action, and then dive in. Unlike some professional organizers on television, I'm patient, supportive, and nonjudgmental. I won't make you feel bad, and I won't make you throw away 50% of your belongings!

Step 2: Together-after we've cut through the clutter-we'll discuss your lifelong habits that contributed to the disarray. We'll create systems the help you stay organized and, as result, be more confident, reliable, and creative.

Project details

The price of the project depends on its complexity. I've learned from experience that every client is unique, and projects are never cookie-cutter. For example, working with someone to sort a box of family memorabilia could take a few minutes or several hours. Just call me and tell me about your projects and then I'll be better able to answer your questions about the time and money.

Is it time to tackle YOUR disaster zone? Please contact me today-I'd love to help you!

"Ingrid helped me look at my work space in a whole new way. She taught me that the 'things that I could touch' while sitting at my desk were my most 'valuable real estate' and that I should organize my work with this concept in mind. My office has been through a few updates since I worked with Ingrid, but the lessons she taught me about the foundations of organization still apply. Ingrid is also fun and easy to work with. You should hire her to help you organize your work space too. You will be thrilled with the results."
- Angela Quick, MPA Adoption Social Worker