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Rotate children's toys. Children are easily overwhelmed by too much stuff. Rotating toys also makes old toys seem like new ones.

What is Lagniappe?
In Cajun, lagniappe means "a little something extra or an unexpected gift."

In Life on the Mississippi, Mark Twain called lagniappe "a word worth travelling to New Orleans to get."

I decided to use this as my business name, because I believe in extra-special touches. Unfortunately, many people's lives are so complicated, so burdened, they can barely make it through the day, let alone have time to do something special for a spouse, child, or friend. I believe life shouldn't be so overwhelming. That's why I love being a professional organizer-I help people clear the decks, uncomplicate their lives, and make room for a little something extra.


Meet Professional Organizer & Clutter Relief Specialist Ingrid Timbs

How can I help you?

Ingrid TimbsI'd like to share a story. A client asked me to help clear out her bursting-at-the-seams garage. For years, she and her husband had talked about doing this. After he tragically passed away, she needed to get it done. It was beyond overwhelming. She realized she couldn't do it alone. Together, we evaluated every item and decided whether to donate, toss, or store it. We worked hard and had fun. Finally, we finished. We were elated! We stood in the driveway-hugging and crying.

I'm passionate about my business-this is what I live for!

As with all my clients, this woman isn't lazy, incapable, or flawed. Having an out-of-control area is common, especially with any life change. I know how painful, burdensome, and embarrassing this can be. In fact, I struggled to learn how to reorganize my house after my children were born-I had to dig out of my own mess. I figured out new systems, discovered I was creative, and learned that it's ok to "break the rules."

Now I share the joy of accomplishment, relief, and freedom with my clients when we're finished. This is where my passion comes from-I know I help them and make a difference.

Do you have an out-of-control area?

As the Clutter Relief Specialist for my company, Lagniappe Professional Organizers, I know I can help you. Together, we'll set a goal and create a plan of attack. I promise to be patient, supportive, and nonjudgmental. Plus, I'll honor your memories and memorabilia; after all, they're part of your story.

After we tackle your project, I'll help you turn your lifelong habits into systems that work for you, so you can get organized and stay organized.

Let's start soon. I truly believe that being organized will help you create time and space in your day to meet your life's goals.

Ingrid Timbs Signature

Professional affiliations:

  • Member, National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO)
  • National Volunteer for NAPO
  • Member, National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization
  • Member, Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • Member, Faithful Organizers

I have received the following certificates from the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization. This not-for-profit organization provides education and training to professional organizers and related professionals who specialize in working with the chronically disorganized:

  • Certificate of Study in Basic Physical Conditions and Challenges affecting the CD Client October 2008
  • Level III Certified Professional Organizer Chronic Disorganization September 2007
  • ADD Specialist, May 2006 (Level II)
  • Certificate of Study in CD Client Administration, June 2006
  • Certificate of Study in Understanding the Needs of Elderly CD Clients, June 2006
  • Chronic Disorganization Specialist, September 2005 (Level II)
  • Certificate of Study in Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client, September 2005
  • Certificate of Study in Chronic Disorganization, April 2004

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Make your life easier! Please contact me today- I'd love to help you.