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Important Papers:

Rent a safe deposit box from a bank or buy a fireproof safe box (portable) where you keep Birth Certificates, Marriage licenses, divorce judgments, passport, copy of driver's licenses, list of bank accounts, list of all credit cards (with passwords & pin numbers), insurance policies or policy information, title and deed for home. Keep the box in a place where you can grab it easily in an emergency evacuation. Some banks rent safe deposit boxes for as little as $20 per year!

"I strongly recommend Ingrid Timbs for any task, no matter how challenging. She prevented my cats from starving, argued with my bank until they cancelled over $600 in unfair fees, and organized my tax records to prevent me from attending Leavenworth. In other words, you could not find a more capable or nicer person."
David C., Daytona Beach, Florida

Let's get organized!

Move from burdened to buoyant!

Make your life easier with clutter relief specialist Ingrid Timbs.

Can you relate to these organizational dilemmas?

  • "The kids left for college years ago. Now it's MY time. I'm ready to take on new challenges. But first-YIKES!-how do I clear out three bedrooms and 25 years of memories?"
  • "Our garage is a disaster zone. We've talked about organizing it for years. It's time to take care of this mess."
  • "My husband passed away, and I'm ready for a new phase in my life. I want to convert the den into a hobby room, but I have to sort through his things. It's overwhelming. I can't do this alone!"
  • "I've tried everything to organize my desk, but I still have piles everywhere. It takes too long to find what I need."

Do you need help with an "impossible" organizational project?

Like the examples above, are you excited about the next stage in your life? But first- before you can move forward-you need to organize a garage, bedroom, or kitchen that's monstrously out of control?

Hello, I'm Ingrid Timbs. I'm a professional organizer in Volusia County, Florida, and I'm passionate about helping people get organized and get their lives back on track.

Cutting the clutter is just the beginning

After we tackle projects, my clients tell me they feel a great sense of relief, plus the freedom to be creative and accomplish more in their lives. Why? Because I help them set up systems to stay organized. I help them change lifelong habits of disarray into systems that work for them.

I truly believe, at the heart of it, organization is much deeper than clearing off your desk or de-cluttering your kitchen. Being organized helps you be more confident, reliable, and creative.

Organization helps you create time and space in your day to meet your life's goals

Make your life easier! Please contact me today- I'd love to help you.
Isn't it time to address that "impossible" organizing project so you can move forward with your life? Let's tackle it together-it'll be a fun, rewarding experience.

Let's get started ... you'll gain a wonderful sense of relief and freedom!