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Closet, Cupboard Or Cabinet Purging:

Have two boxes and the trash can handy: Place throwaway items in trash can. Use the other two boxes or bags for "give away/sell" and "store elsewhere" items.

"A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and by transferring organizing skills. A professional organizer also educates the public on organizing solutions and the resulting benefits."
National Association of Professional Organizers

"Organizing seems trivial and unimportant, but it can support your deeper purpose in life. Understanding this connection is vital, otherwise you'll get organized sporadically with little impact or it will become another 'should' and you probably won't do it at all."
Marilyn Paul, PhD.
From It's Hard to Make a Difference When You Can't Find Your Keys


Desk Duty

Banish clutter and embrace organization to make the most of your desk space
By Michael Haun, Home & Garden Editor
Daytona Beach News-Journal Online

It's where we pay our bills, surf the Internet and write letters to friends and family.

In some households, it's where the kids do their homework, too.

When you think about it, the family desk might very well be the most important, most utilized spot in the house.

It's also one of the messiest spots, too.

Ready to clean up your desktop act?

We turned to professional organizer Ingrid Timbs for tips on how to take a desk from cluttered to composed, without spending a bundle.


Remove everything from the desk, except for the computer, phone and lamp, Timbs recommends.

Now, here's the hard part. Put back only items used every single day. For Timbs, things like family photos and assorted tchotchkes don't count.


Papers that were on the desk get filed, tossed or placed in what Timbs calls an "action area."

When it comes to filing, make sure to create a system that works for you.

Figure out if you are a "filer" or a "stacker," Timbs said.

Only then can you purchase office equipment that will suit your needs. Stackers wouldn't use a filing cabinet, and vice versa.

Next, purchase a shredder.

"It's surprising that most of my clients don't have one," said Timbs,owner of Lagniappe Professional Organizers in Port Orange.

Shred old papers, credit card applications, and junk mail. If in doubt, shred it, Timbs added.


If your desk is a shared space, make sure your desk chair is suitable for all of its users. Purchase one that has an adjustable height, Timbs recommends.

Also, make sure filing cabinets, storage bins, trash cans and more are all within easy reach.

If these things are too far away, you're less likely to use them, she said.


Most of us have a bevy of storage containers, desk organizers and the like.

"Everybody wants to buy more storage containers first," Timbs said. "But usually they have plenty."

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